False Breathe

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Photobucket JOHN. Life's apprentice for over 20 years now. Sleeps too much, thinks so much. Eats too much and burps less. I'm insane sometimes. I drive an airplane in my dreams. I swim through the atmosphere and burns myself soaked into the sun. I cry. I've cried several times. I know I'm strong yet through time, I suddenly lost grip of my emotions. I build bridges between Philippines and Miami. For the hope of feeling my mother's embrace once again. I taught myself how to show love to people. Then I forgot to create defense for myself. I'm a notebook. Experiences are my pen. Thickly inked pen. Once they've written on me, none can revise it. I am a book. People holds my chapters. Each one of them creates their mark on my pages. I'm an actor. The most famous in my world.

"If true love comes only once in a lifetime, then I’ll be a bachelor forever."

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