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Photobucket JOHN. Life's apprentice for over 20 years now. Sleeps too much, thinks so much. Eats too much and burps less. I'm insane sometimes. I drive an airplane in my dreams. I swim through the atmosphere and burns myself soaked into the sun. I cry. I've cried several times. I know I'm strong yet through time, I suddenly lost grip of my emotions. I build bridges between Philippines and Miami. For the hope of feeling my mother's embrace once again. I taught myself how to show love to people. Then I forgot to create defense for myself. I'm a notebook. Experiences are my pen. Thickly inked pen. Once they've written on me, none can revise it. I am a book. People holds my chapters. Each one of them creates their mark on my pages. I'm an actor. The most famous in my world.

Made With Paper

Made With Paper

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visit my arts' blog site

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He has this cheeks in two weeks!

He has this cheeks in two weeks!

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I downloaded several kinds of artwork treatment.

'said I'll imitate 'em.

I wasn’t able to.

Ended up filling my own spin to it

and I’m happier.

Learning to draw starts form mimicking,

however growing a true artist is innate.

True artist, yeah! I consider myself one.

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Devious enough?

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Pls. Thank you!

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Ang gwapong gwapo kong pamangkin. Manang mana sa tito.

Ang gwapong gwapo kong pamangkin. Manang mana sa tito.

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sharedprivacy Asked: "i miss you :("


I’ll be back, on Saturday.

I’ll keep my word.^^

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365 steps in a journey

And a journey is not long,

it’s infinite.

And the path is not always a road,

sometimes it’s a bridge - hanging, broken pieces of glass, or a rope.

Why does it have to be?

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consueloinwhitecoat-deactivated Asked: "i know planning in our case is never effective in meet ups, but i will still try to risk this one. :) since you've been a good sponge --- sipping all my stresses and frustration back in my crazy college days, I think its pay back time. I am volunteering to absorb all the negatives in your system after the final stretch of hell acads and before you hit the overrated october overnights. Cmown man, please do say yes (puppy eyes @.@) hahaha. alagaan ang sarili. masarap mapagod for a reason. - ate"


Nakakaiyak po kayo! I don’t know how should i say yes. Nahihiya po ako sa inyo ate.

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Sala sa init, sala sa lamig

Don’t fall for a guy too easily, neither let him wait a decade. He’ll leave you.

Hindi sa hindi ka talaga mahal.

You’re just giving him a feeling and impression of discomfort.

He won’t settle for uneasy future.

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"If true love comes only once in a lifetime, then I’ll be a bachelor forever."

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Anonymous Asked: "mamimiss mo din yang pagod pag tapos na ang lahat. T.C."



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